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Installation Guide - CentOS Servers

Monday, 15 June 2015 20:41


To use CentOS as your server's operating system (OS), you can choose to install the cPanel-provided version or an independent distribution. The cPanel-provided version installs cPanel & WHM automatically the first time that your server reboots.

Install CentOS

To install the cPanel-provided version of CentOS, perform the following steps:

  1. Choose a version of CentOS:
    • Download the cPanel-provided version of CentOS, which includes cPanel & WHM.

    • Download a CentOS installer.


      We recommend that you use the minimal installer, especially if you choose to install CentOS 7.

  2. Burn the ISO to CD or DVD, and install it on your server.


    After you place the OS installation disc in your server, a prompt will ask you to test the disc before you begin installation. We stronglyrecommend that you test the disc before you proceed. This test saves time if the disc is unreadable.

  3. After its first reboot, if you used the cPanel-provided version, the ISO will install cPanel & WHM in the background.
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