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Its easy to forget to sign out of Facebook as you go about your daily tasks and activities. Or worse you suddenly notice posts on your timeline that you are not creating!

Another common situation, you realize after leaving a friends home or office that you forgot to log out of Facebook after borrowing the friends computer or device.

Its extremely important that you always log out of a Facebook session if theres a possibility of someone else using that computer or mobile device after your finished using it.

But it is easy to log out of all active Facebook sessions from any device that you happen to have at your disposal by following the instructions below.

Close active Facebook sessions using a computer:

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On Friday August 3, 2012 Matthew Honan's digital experience changed dramatically. All of those little accounts, tools and entertainment applications that he had at his disposal for work, organization and leisure suddenly turned against him. Within days he had his Google, social media and Apple ID accounts broken into. For the most part he had his authentication daisy chained so once the hacker was in, he was able to spread from account to account posting on his various pages, changing innocuous settings and simply just making his life miserable. And the only apparent reason was to simply show that the he, the hacker,  could. This particular case demonstrates clearly many of the "shoulds" and "should nots" in personal computer and cloud based application security.
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