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This page is filler, the info is from the Raspi site and is a placeholder and notes on a current project I am working on to provide video signage over Raspian.

Apologies for the late post today—I started playing about with Coder this afternoon and kind of got side tracked for four hours because it’s quite wonderful. (By ‘playing’ of course I mean carrying out an Educational Evaluative Assessment.)

Coder turns your Raspberry Pi into a mini web server that allows you to create web content using HTML, CSS and JavaScript via a browser-based IDE. Or rather, it allows you to easily make Cool Web Stuff. Coder was made by a team of Googlers in New York—thanks Coder Team!

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Monday, 15 June 2015 13:47

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Graffiti is a leading Gulf Coast software development company. For nearly 20 years we have helped hundreds of customers balance their cost-performance parameters for IT projects via sustainable, long term relationships. Our engagement model is designed to leverage consulting pools so that our customers are the ultimate beneficiaries. Our track record speaks of our success; having developed dozens of products many of which are deployed in record time in both large and small companies. We work with the same care and diligence to make each of our engagement a success, one at a time, small or large.

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