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Beware of upcoming Java updates, Yahoo will try to hook in as your search provider.

Thursday, 25 June 2015 10:37

Chances are you have done a Java update in the past few weeks. Java software is installed on 89% of desktop computers in the U.S. and billions of devices around the world, from mobile phones to connected televisions, according to Oracle’s site.

When you do an update you will see a screen like this:


 Java Update screen

java update

As a result of the deal between Oracle and Yahoo the checkbox is checked by default, so users have to uncheck it to opt out of the Yahoo setting. Anyone rushing through a Java installation in an effort to get some piece of Web software working quickly could pass over this screen and accidentally reset their browser settings.

The Yahoo deal is a bit different in that the company is not actually bundling any software with Java. It’s just asking to reconfigure a user’s Web browser settings.

To prevent this change from happening on your computer simply uncheck the box marked "Set Yahoo....". 

In many cases the Java updates have to do with security and bugs so not updating Java is not a practical or wise decision.


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