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Take your business into the future with Graffiti Web Design Our developers have been designing and developing custom websites for over a decade. 

Our development team can help you decide based on your specific needs and budget whether you need a custom website, a custom joomla or wordpress template or the modification of a purchased template. Your site is provided turn-key; domain, seo and analytics registration are all provided on turn-over.

Graffiti can also create a custom matching social media package to be released along side your new website. It is one of them most effective branding activities your start-up or can do. By allowing your friends, families and current clients to be made aware of new changes in your internet marketing efforts increase your brand and internet traffic.

Graffiti Framework: Built on Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a Sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development. We use a new responsive, fluid grid system to create seamless, responsive layouts. By using the core Bootstrap and custom break points, our responsive design is as dynamic as possible using only CSS3 media queries.

Bootstrap also provides styles for common HTML elements like typography, code, tables, forms, and buttons. It also includes Glyphicons, a great little icon set, as well as the Font Awesome icon set for even more font based icons.

John A. Beck - Robertsdale AL Web Developer

The Graffiti/XTC Bootstrap grid utilizes 12 columns, allowing you to create a fluid AND responsive layout. With the responsive grid in, the layout will adapt to any screensize. The columns become fluid and stack vertically, and each column will adapt to the available size it should have ensuring proper proportions all devices.

This framework allows updates to be performed on a regular basis without the risk of damaging or losing custom code on your site.

About our Webmaster and Lead Programmer - John Beck

John Beck began his career in technology in the United States Navy. As a Navy Date Systems Technician John found his calling. John has carried on his love for 1's and 0's into the market place. Since leavig the Navy after Desert Storm John has been involved in many start-up companies and companies taking advantage of leading edge technologies and greenfields.

For the past decade John has maintained a boutique consulting company with a primary mission to provide enhanced marketing support by means of internet technology and programming internet based applications. John is well versed in CMS, PHP and MySql, Android Java and Adobe Web and Graphics applications. John has always maintained his own servers via Linux/Apache (LAMPs and LEMP) and believes that a significant investment in time must be allocated to server security and updates. This is a part of his mission statement.

Today John's business model is primarily focused on consluting and programming for small to medium sized professionals. Graffiti Web Design is the foremost provider of internet marketing solutions for Law Firms and legal services companies in the Alabama Gulf Coast and Florida Pan Handle, we also have an appreciable experience assisting Dentist and Medical Offices.

John has been married to Salley Cullinane Beck for 20 years. Salley has a bunch of capital letters following her name, primarily in Business and Communications. Salley serves as John's most trusted advisor. John and Salley have 3 children and half dozen little one's who call them "Grand". Faith, Family and Dog's are the Beck's greatest joy.

Gulf Coast Alabama, Florida and Mississippi Boutique Web Design Company

We are a boutique interactive web design firm on the Northside of the Gulf, collaborating with a handful of amazing clients, content writers and   programmers to develop incredible websites and other interactive applications. We forge partnerships founded on collaboration and focused on producing high-impact results.

From minimalist to popping in your face, we've got you covered. We develop, design and customize sophisticated graphic packages to fit your distinct marketing objectives. 


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