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Chances are you have done a Java update in the past few weeks. Java software is installed on 89% of desktop computers in the U.S. and billions of devices around the world, from mobile phones to connected televisions, according to Oracle’s site.

When you do an update you will see a screen like this:


You can always use Workspace Webmail to send and receive email messages. Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) lets you access email stored on a mail server from multiple computers and devices. To use IMAP email, you must have an email plan that supports IMAP.

It lets you access your email messages and files without transferring them between computers. You set up IMAP on the computers from which you want to access email from your account.

NOTE: Our servers often use different names for folders compared with the client you're using. Folders, such as Sent, might remain out of sync until you correctly map them. To do this, clients, such as Microsoft Outlook®, typically publish detailed instructions online. We recommend searching the Internet for instructions from that client to correctly map your folders.


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